Wild Moose Chase


,We were convinced to turn the focus of the movie "Wild Moose Chase" from just humor to a twisting, sexy plot line.  We are putting some of the funny stuff or the footage that now can't be used in the movie into a soap opera to be produced by Sick Soaps.  Now, we need an actress to play the lead for the investigative reporter's subject.  The way the movie and the soap opera are being shot, to give continuity for our shoots all over the country, is to have the camera portray the
investigative reporter, with other characters interacting with themselves and the camera as lead character,   a strong, silent type lead that everyone else wants to impress and talk to and tell stuff because he's a fairly well-known investigative reporter.  Below find the Work in Progress script that we're using to audition the potential female leads.  We, unfortunately, lost our last lead to a drug overdose incident, so we are reshooting her footage and, after much consideration and grief, are moving on to get the movie finished and into the theaters.  The show must go on.
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